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Physical training method combining exercises from different disciplines and thus improving overall performance.

The idea is that training in different ways allows you to take the best in each discipline and therefore be more complete and efficient. Cross training in sport and fitness consists of combining exercises that work different parts of the body. For example, some sports or activities only work one area of the body. Cross training helps to eliminate this imbalance. It corresponds to an urban and active lifestyle, based on natural body movements, and is therefore suitable for everyone, regardless of fitness level, age or gender.

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Cross Training

Tuesdays 19h30 45min

Wednesdays 19h30 45min

Calories burned: 300 in 15min!

Will Mazeo Magellan Personal Trainer Will Mazero

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NOTE: This is a demonstration site for Personal Trainers and Gyms. This website and it's booking and payment system is an example of what we can build for you. If you like this responsive website we can build you one similar and for an amazing price!